family shoot - $550

Photo Shoot (30-60 Minutes)
Digital Images (75-100)
You can add a “Happy Film” (Our Signature 2min Edited Video) for $175.

Private photo/video shoot with your family; whenever & wherever you want.
We take photos for 30-60 minutes depending on activity/energy/happiness levels.
You get 75-100 photos delivered in an online gallery and one of our signature "Happy Films"

CHOOSE THIS IF YOU WANT: privacy, no rush, control over location/activity, more time, video.  

mini sessions - $375

Short Photo Shoot (15-20min)
Digital Images (25-50)
+ Option to Add 'Happy Film'  for $175

Once a month, we host a set of back-to-back photo shoots; shorter length, quicker pace, themed with the season/holidays. We take photos for 15-20 minutes and you'll get 25-50 photos delivered in an online gallery. ★We announce mini sessions 2-4 weeks in advance via our newsletter. SIGN UP!

CHOOSE THIS IF YOU WANT: quick in & out, no decisions on your end, regular photo shoots at more affordable cost


Photo Shoot (Length Varies)
Digital Images (25-100)

Total randomness! You'll get an email that says "Want to take photos today/tomorrow?" and you can join me last minute at a cool unusual location for a spontaneous photo/video shoot. I'll let you know the details of the shoot (location/activity/length of time etc...) and if it sounds fun, you sign up immediately and I'll see you in a few hours! ★ We announce pop-up shoots with less than 24hrs notice via our newsletter. SIGN UP!

CHOOSE THIS IF YOU WANT: spontaneity, unusual locations, regular shoots at more affordable cost

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Baby on the way? Schedule multiple shoots at once and save! We recommend doing maternity photos in months 8 or 9 of pregnancy and newborn photos within 2 weeks after birth. Each shoot is 30-60 minutes and include 75-100 images. We do newborn shoots in your home; it's easier, more comfortable, and captures the beauty of real life.
Learn more about Maternity/Newborn shoots.

Welcome to the Happy Film Company! We create playful happy videos and photos for families in Seattle. We keep it simple by offering one package and you can use it for any type of shoot: Family Portraits, Maternity & Newborn Shoots, Birthday Parties, 1st Year Cake Smashes and Family Reunions. Join our mailing list to get notified of upcoming mini sessions - we offer them regularly throughout the year: SIGN UP!

During your shoot, we simultaneously take photos & record video (on the same camera!) which means you'll have still photographs to hang on the wall AND matching video clips to bring those photo memories back to life. Video captures so much more than a still photo ever can on it's own, which is why we like to give every family the option to get both photos and videos. Happy!

During your shoot we're recording SO MANY video clips!  Instead of giving you a folder full of random short, shaky, out of context, video clips that you'll probably never look at again (let's be honest), we get crafty and stitch them together into a mini film masterpiece that is super fun to watch and easy to share with friends & family online. Families tell us that they watch their Happy Film videos over and over and over again with their kids for years. Kids LOVE the videos because they're fast-paced-eye-candy and the kids get to see themselves playing with their family. Happy Films are also perfect for capturing birthday parties and family reunions - anytime you want to document a beginning-to-end event.


  • YES, you can bring your dog.

  • If it rains, we usually reschedule.

  • Props are always a fun idea.

  • Photos & Videos are all edited & high-resolution. We deliver them online. Delivery takes up to 2 weeks.

  • We know your kids are hyper, shy, sleepy, moody, teary, superheros....whatever you got, bring it on! We've seen it all and we aren't afraid.

  • Still got questions? Frequently Asked Questions