Pioneer Square (Meet by Comedy Underground)Valdez Family 
Waterfront (Miner's Landing Pier 57 - Meet in the round cement stairs by the ferris wheel) | Corbin Family 
Ballard Ave NW (Meet by Belltower at Marvin's Garden) | 
International District (Meet by Bus Station China Town Archway) |
Post Alley & Pike Place Market (meet by bubblegum wall) | Lee Family 
Gasworks Park (meeting by trail entry in parking lot) Dearing Family , Clabeaux Family , Dullum Family  
Olympic Sculpture Park (meet on corner of Western Ave & Broad St)  Vander Houwen Family , Peterson Family 

❤ NATURE  (meeting in the parking lots)
Kelsey Creek Farm (Bellevue) | Peh FamilyStonehocker Family , Smith Family , Fusco Family , Ness Family , Sallagonda Family ,
Akopoca Family , Taha Family 
Remlinger Farm (Carnation) | Woll FamilyMiddleton Family , Hawkins Family , 
Juanita Bay Park (Kirkland) Lieb FamilyKovtunenko Family
Woodland Park (Greenlake, Seattle) | Runions Family 
Rosehill North Rose Hill Woodlands Park (Kirkland) (Meet on Corner of NE 100th St & 128th Ave NE) | Sophia's 2nd Birthday
Larsen Lake Blueberry Farm (Bellevue) | Maglalang Family , Sor Family 
Golden Gardens (Ballard, Seattle) | Crook Family , Elliot Family , Fleming Family , Bernarding Family , Otjen Family , Escarez Family,
Romero Family , Culter Family
Lake Washington Boulevard E (near Madison Park Seattle: 1) next to 520 Entrance 2) next to Washington Park Playfield) | 
Japanese Garden (in Arboretum, near Madison Park, Seattle) | Riche Family , Hartman Family
Mercer Slough Nature Preserve (Bellevue) | MacLnnis Family , Fletcher Family , Karrmarshall familyChappell Familly , Murray Family 
Bartram FamilyShurson Family 
Sunset Beach (Edmonds) | Hansen Family , Arnston Family , Hansen Family  , 
Tolt MacDonald Park (Carnation) | Colburn Family , Schankel Family , Grant Family , Hutchinson Family , Hernandez Family
Rai Family , Leister Family , Stinson Family, Thorsen Family
Heirman Wildlife Preserve (Snohomish) | Gessaman Family , Blakely Family , Rai Family , Toms Family


Picnic | Mayszak Family , Rispoli Family , Otjen Family , Escarez Family , Hutchinson Family , Anderson Family , Halpin Family 
Flying Kites | Gasworks Park (Seattle) | Clabeaux Family
Building Rock Towers | Tolt MacDonald Park (Carnation), Heirman Wildlife Preserve (Snohomish) | Thorsen Family

Coffee Shop
Sculpture Park | Vander Houwen Family , Peterson Family
Glass Museum
Library | Dearing Family

Easter Egg Dying
Cherry Blossoms
Tulip Field | Partin Family , Sapoff Family

Sidewalk Chalk
Bike Riding
Lavender Farm | Lavender mini shoot

Pumpkin Patch | Remlinger Farms (Carnation)| Serabia Family , Halvorson Family, Middleton Family , Hawkins Family
Carving Pumpkins
Apple Picking
Corn Maze
Playing in the Leaves

Building Gingerbread Houses
Christmas Tree Farm

For the Cuddle Bunnies (Wear Your PJS, Cuddle in Bed, Read Books, Nibble on Popcorn, Jump on the Bed, Pillow Fight)
For the Foodies (Bake Cookies, Pie & Brownies, Cook Dinner Together (Pizza is Great!), Summer BBQ)
For the Greenthumbs (Pick flowers, plant veggies, build bird feeders, play with your pets, climb trees, making flower bouquest)
For the Playful (Play dressup, build a fort, playing board games, running through the sprinklers, playing backyard games)
For the Artists (Fingerpainting, Knitting, Colorinng Books)

Cherry Blossoms (March)
Tulip Fields (April)
Mother's Day (May)
Father's Day (June)
Lavender Farm (July)
Playing in the Leaves (September)
Pumpkin Patch (October)
Christmas Tree Farm (November)