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Q: How do I book a video/photo shoot?
A: Choose your package from our online shop & add it to your online shopping cart. At checkout you will fill out an online booking form and pay for your package. 

Q: What are 'Adventures' and why should we choose one?
A: Every three months, we release a new list of seasonally themed "adventures" (i.e. activities/themes) to help inspire to make your family shoot more interactive and full of YOUR personality. You can choose an adventure from our list or suggest an adventure of your own. We recommend picking adventures that your kids will love so they'll be in a good mood and smiling for the photos. We understand cameras can make you feel awkward so adventures are also a great way to help parents relax (something other than the camera to focus on). Check out ALL of our adventures on our "Plan Your Shoot" page.

Q: How do I pick a good location for my shoot?
We recommend choosing locations that have big open spaces where we can run around play. We love the great outdoors and all the beautiful parks and trails in the Seattle area. We generally try to avoid crowds because you don't want to have people, cars, and random buildings in the background of your photos/film. That said, some families choose to do photo shoots in public places on purpose — like the public market, the library, or a coffee shop. In public locations we use the crowd around us to tell the story but we keep the focus on you! We also love it when families invite us along to a special place they love and always go to together. Check out our favorite locations on our "Plan Your Shoot" page.

Q: How long does it take to get our video & photos?
A: We deliver everything online within 2 weeks after the date of your shoot.

Q: How do I download my photos & videos?
Photos are delivered via an online gallery. You can download individual photos or the entire collection at the click of a button. Videos are delivered via Vimeo (kinda like a prettier more "cinema focused" version of Youtube). You can watch your video online, download it to your computer by clicking "download" or share it online. So simple. We like easy ;)

Q: How do we order prints?
We deliver your photos via an online gallery. You can order prints directly from this gallery and they're delivered straight to your doorstep.

Q: What should we wear?
Try to coordinate your outfits. They don't have to be matchy-matchy but it's great if they harmonize — a color palette or different shades of the same color etc... Avoid multiple patterns that will clash. Avoid clothing with brand logos or printed images. Avoid sports clothing like sweatpants or sweat shirts. It looks best if everyone is dressed to the same level of formality — we don't want one person in a party dress and another person in jeans (that would just be silly). For more clothing help, check out our Pinterest board "Family Outfit Inspiration" or check out our blog post about what to wear in your family photos.

Q: What happens if it rains?
A: SUPER LIGHT RAIN: With super light rain, we can usually pretend it's not raining and continue with our adventure. Sometimes families will wear cute rain boots and jackets, twirl umbrellas and catch raindrops on their tongues. MEDIUM/HEAVIER RAIN: With medium/heavy rain we have to protect our camera equipment and keep you dry, so we have two options. OPTION 1) Go indoors! When you book your shoot, you choose an outdoor AND and indoor adventure (for backup). We come to your house and photograph you doing all your favorite indoor activities; arts and crafts, build forts, and bake cookies. OPTION 2) Reschedule for the next available date. Regardless of which option you choose, we will contact you the night before or morning of your photo shoot to confirm plans.

Q. Can we bring props?
A. Yes of course! You can bring props to your shoots. Balloons, wagons, favorite toys, signs etc...  Go crazy - we love photographing all these cute details that add personality to your photos. Check out our blog post about what to bring to your photo shoot.


Q. When should we book our maternity shoot? 
A: Around months 7 or 8 of pregnancy is usually a great time to be photographed. Earlier and your baby bump isn't at its full plumpness yet and later you might be feeling uncomfortable and not "in the mood" for standing around looking cute for the camera. That said, we do photograph plenty of moms in month 9, right before she delivers. BLOG: 3 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Maternity Session

Q. When should we book our NEWBORN shoot? 
A. Newborn photos are best within the first 2 weeks after birth. We are used to working with unpredictable babies so we recommend reserving a date 1-2 weeks after your due date. We can always change the date to be sooner or later. We're flexible for you.

Q. How do NEWBORN shoots work?
A. For newborn shoots, we come to your home. This way your little one stays warm and cozy and you don't have to do any traveling. We keep things simple and set up near a big window. We may move around some furniture to help "set the scene". We'll spend the first half of the shoot focusing on your new baby's solo pictures. In the second half of the shoot we'll take group pictures so everyone can be involved. We can take pictures on the bed, the couch our outside. Check out our newborn Pinterest board! 
Check out our maternity Pinterest board.

Q: What are good props for maternity & newborn photo shoots?
For maternity shoots we recommend baby's clothes, little shoes, ultrasound, announcement signs, etc. We've had some fun gender reveal photo shoots too! For newborn shoots we recommend favorite blankets, stuffed animals, baskets, cute outfits or hats etc... Any little details you'd like to have in the photos are always welcome! If we're shooting outdoors we also recommend bringing a blanket so that you can sit down without getting soggy. Check out our blog post about props to bring to your photo shoot.

Q: Do you do "posed" newborn photos with backgrounds?
A: We do simple poses with babies on beds/chairs/blankets etc... but we do not do styled newborn portraits with backdrops. These kind of newborn photos are an art in themselves and I would recommend going to a newborn photography specialist for these because they've mastered all the techniques and safety issues of posing newborns. All of our newborn photo shoots take place at family homes. They are all lifestyle portraits which means they are natural group shots in your home environment. To see the look of our natural home-based newborn photos, please feel free to browse through our blog - use the search term "newborn". Here are a few of our favorites: Hafferty FamilyFerrer FamilySmith Family.