Decorate Your Home with Seattle Family Photos - It's Makes Us Happy!

One of the coolest things about taking Seattle family photos in family's actual homes is that I get to see how they decorate their houses with photographs (or not haha). Especially when it's a family that's worked with the Happy Film Company on multiple occasions and they have pictures around their home that I took. It's a slightly strange feeling to see your own "artwork" in other people's houses, but then again, it would be even more weird if I hung their family photos in my home (even though they're my pictures), right? Anyway, I take thousands of photos a month and they all live online and on hard drives but when I walk into a family home and I see photos that I created hanging on their walls, it fills me with surprise and joy. It helps me remember that what I'm doing with my camera is actually important for people and my photos actually become a special part of their lives that they enjoy every day! So #1 - thank you to all the families that print my photos and enjoy my work. It means a lot to me. #2 - if you haven't printed photos before, give it a try because it's so exciting to see them in your hands or your home and #3 - if you do print my photos in your home, pretty please send me a photo or invite me over so I can see it and do a happy dance! Thank you so much Kouzmitch family for inviting me to your home this weekend for your newborn portrait session. It blew me away to see that your house is covered in photos taken by the Happy Film Company. I'm so grateful to have you as regular clients and I look forward to hundreds more photos to come!! ~  Chamonix & tHFC ladies

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Private Residence