Why You Should Do a 'Day in the Life' Family Photo Shoot at Home

Your family photo shoot doesn't have to be fancy. You can change a diaper, breastfeed, try on new baby clothes, read the first page of a Christmas book, stack three blocks and knock them over and then spin in a circle until you fall over. To you it might seem like a normal boring and un-photograph-worthy hour at home with your toddler and newborn. Why on earth would you pay someone to take pictures of that?

As a Seattle family portrait photographer, I do love photo shoots at gorgeous locations around the city (they make for awesome backgrounds and beautiful lighting) but more often than not, it's these simple everyday activities at home that make for the most personal, emotion-packed and creative family photography. When you're in your own home, doing your daily routines, you might not realize how many special facial expressions and interactions bubble up; things that might never appear if we were out exploring a park. Plus, taking photos at home gives you a chance to capture the space where you spend most of your time, where you're making most of your memories.

I'm certainly not saying you should never do photo shoots at cool outdoor locations - I love those photo shoot adventures and they typically result in higher quality images (perfect for Christmas cards and wall canvases). I'm merely suggesting that perhaps every now and then, you bring a photographer into your home for a "Day in the Life" photo shoot, just to make sure that you also have some special photos of those memories you made in private. Thank you so much Tucker family for hiring the Happy Film Company again! It was a treat spending time with you in your home and I look forward to more pictures later this year :) // Chamonix

Photographer: Chamonix
Adventure: A Day in the Life
Location: Private Residence