Why You Should Bake Cookies During a Family Photo Shoot - Kirkland Family Photography

Interactive photo shoots, like baking cookies, are fantastic because they give your family something else to focus on other than the camera. This helps kids have fun (so they're smiley and happy) and it helps adults relax so they don't look so stiff and awkward in photos. Interactive & creative photo shoots also brings out so many expressions on people's faces so we can really capture personalities and relationship dynamics. These special little moments, like the way Luke scrunched up his nose when his aunt blew the baking flour into his face, or the way Lyla looked mischievously at the camera after stealing a bite of cookie dought, are special moments that are tricky for parents to photograph in everyday life and almost impossible for us to photograph if your photo shoot is just walking around a park (unless of course, walking around the park is a special activity for your family).

At the Happy Film Company we encourage families to choose interactive photo shoot activities that we call "Adventures". Every three months we release a new list of seasonal adventures to keep inspiration flowing and to make sure you have lots of variety in your family photos each year. When you BOOK YOUR PHOTO SHOOT in our online shop, you can select your seasonal photo shoot adventure from a dropdown menu on the online booking form. Please feel free to suggest your own awesome activity idea if you don't see it on the list. 

Thank you Lieb family for always asking the Happy Film Company to take your family photos and for inviting me into your home this Christmas. I loved dancing around the kitchen to 'Treasure' by Bruno Mars and watching Lyla "Smash those 'cocos'!" As always, you guys are a delight to work with and I'm so excited for your next photo shoot adventure! Happy New Year :D // Chamonix & tHFC Ladies PS: As I write this blog post I'm drinking green tea out of the happy mug you gave me for Christmas. Thank you so much again!!

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Private Residence