Why We Let Kids Run Wild During Our Seattle Family Photo Shoots

I want to throw rocks! No. 
I want to do silly faces. No.
I want to run around like a monkey. No.

Saying 'No' is only going to make your family photo shoot more painful. At the Happy Film Company, we say 'YES' A LOT! We go with the flow and let the kids lead the way. 

We believe in giving children lots of freedom during photo shoots - we engage with kids at their level, seeing the world through their eyes. We ask them questions. We use our imagination and sometimes even put down our cameras for a moment so we can truly connect with your children as people, not just as photography models. Not only does this keep everyone happy and having a good time, it also makes it easier to capture mores sides of your kids' personalities as they explore the world around them. 

Of course, we understand that you also want some beautiful family portraits where you can see everyone's faces clearly; like the photos we give to grandma and put on the wall above the fireplace. We have tricks up our sleeves to sneak those portraits into the shoot; squeezing them into the moments between exploration and play. 

We have photographed the Thorsen family multiple times over the past couple years that we've been in business and we always have fun with these three boys. Their youngest brother, Sam, has autism and  you can imagine what a struggle it would be to get him to sit still and smile at the camera for an hour. He would not be having fun. So whenever we get to work with Sam, we're excited to run around and switch directions quickly. We snap pictures as quickly as we can and we focus on being friends with the kids so they feel comfortable and trust us so we do get those happy smiles when we finally ask them to look into the camera. 

Thank you so much as always Thorsen familly for being such a treat to work with. We love having you as clients and we're excited to photograph you again this summer! xoxo Chamonix

Photographer: Olga
Adventure: Building Rock Towers at the River
Location: Tolt River, Carnation, WA