Why Should I Hire a Professional Family Portrait Photographer? - Seattle Family Portraits

"Why should we spend money to have a professional photographer take our family portraits when the camera on my phone does a great job? Is it really worth the money?”

If you’re like most new parents, you’ve probably only worked with a professional photographer at your wedding. Now that you have kids, this concept of “family portrait photography” is suddenly on your to-do list and you have to decide whether or not it’s worth the money and the time.

Here’s how I think about it: When you take your own family portraits, you are fiddling with the camera, you are struggling to make your kid smile, you are worried about the bright sun and the squinty eyes, you didn’t notice that your lipstick was smudged, you got so caught up in trying to take a perfect family selfie that you totally forgot to have fun and connect with your family. So your pictures end up looking posed, kinda stiff and probably not capturing the beautiful love and joy that you were envisioning

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When you hire the Happy Film Company to take your Seattle family portraits, you get to show up and play with your kids for an hour, you get to have tickle fights and play tag and search through the woods for the biggest pinecone. We’ll adjust your loose strands of hair, tell dad to tuck in his shirt, and make ourselves look like idiots doing monkey faces and fish lips until your kids giggle and stare straight into the camera with those big colorful eyes.You actually get to have fun and make real memories with your family. And since we’re there with our super duper fancy camera, all those special real moments and the unique nuances of your personalities and relationships will be captured in high-resolution artistic still photographs and short videos.

It’s family photography magic! At the Happy Film Company, we are obsessed beautiful photography, promoting happiness, encouraging laughter and capturing squishy cuddly love on camera. Click here to BOOK YOUR FAMILY PHOTO SHOOT today.

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*Thank you so much Partin family for being so darn stinkin’ cute during your Mt Vernon family photography session at the tulip fields! All four of you are so sweet and I just loved romping through the yellow flowers with you. Thanks for choosing the Happy Film Company for your Seattle family pictures. I can’t wait for your next session. Xoxo Chamonix

Photographer: Chamonix
Activity: Spring Adventure
Location:Tulip Fields, Mt Vernon