Why Fit4Mom Ballard & Shoreline is so Awesome! - Interview with Joanna (Owner)

This month we've been working with Fit4Mom Ballard & Shoreline to promote healthy lifestyles and wellbeing for families in around the neighborhoods of Seattle. I heard about Joanna (the owner of Fit4Mom Ballard & Shoreline) on Instagram (gotta love social media!) through one of our very first photography clients - the Wolfgram family! Jennifer Wolfgram was working out with Fit4Mom and slipped a little birdie-on-your-shoulder message to Joanna about our photos! Thank you for word-of-mouth marketing!

If you're looking for an easy way to workout and make friends with other moms, the Fit4Mom Ballard & Shoreline group is very sweet and welcoming. I sent Joanna some questions about the spirit of her mom-oriented fitness business so you can learn more about what's available for you! According to Joanna this is what makes Fit4Mom so special and unique from just going to a class at the gym: 

"The first step - actually attending a class- is often the hardest part, but once a mom arrives, she is welcomed into the community with open arms and supported greatly during the first few workouts."Making the time to focus on our health, as well as our families, is an important part of  being a well-rounded parent, but it is often the first thing we are willing to let go of due to time or guilt or whatever else we can convince ourselves of. What really sets FIT4MOM apart from any other fitness program is the built-in mommy friends and community support you get!"

- Why is community so important to the Fit4Mom program? 
Community is where it's at! Our manifesto stems from building community. Without building healthy relationships with other moms (and families), our other visions for life would fall flat. We believe in raising healthy children, empowering women, cultivating healthy homes, supporting each other, motivating transformation, inspiring positive energy and (most of all) the power of moms! We joke about how our workouts are part exercise, part happy hour and part group therapy!

- Tell us a little about yourselves and why you started your business! 
I was on maternity leave from graduate school (physical therapy doctorate program) and needed to make a pathway change. I wanted a balance between career and motherhood. Actually more of a mixture between the two. A friend from PEPS (Program for Early Parent Support; a local non-profit community group), kept asking me to go to Stroller Strides. After the first class, I realized FIT4MOM was the career for me! One class!

the Happy Film Company - Fit4Mom-53.jpg

- Who is your ideal client? 
Um every mom? Ideally, a women (whether she has a newborn or older child) seeking to connect with other moms and transform her (and her family's) lifestyle to healthy patterns. 

- Whats the most rewarding part of your business? 
When I see a mom who had struggled transiting to motherhood welcome a new mom and provide her the same support she was giving in the FIT4MOM community. I love watching this cascade of support and unconditional grace for other moms.

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Thank you so much Joanna and Fit4Mom Ballard & Shoreline for being such a great partner this month :D 
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