What should we bring to our Seattle family photo shoot?

When you’ve got kids you’re used to hauling around a Mary Poppins bags full of snacks, toys and super glue...just for emergencies. So what do you pack in your bag on the day of your family photo shoot?

Things to Keep in Mind:


  • You do not want to be carrying a big bag over your shoulder in all your family pictures - not so cute.

  • We’ll be moving around a lot during your photo shoot so make sure any bags are light as possible and easy to carry.

  • You’ll be putting your bag on the ground so make sure it’s waterproof and OK to get dirty.

  • Often we (your photographers) will carry your bag for you to make it easier for you to have fun with your kids… we’re happy to do this for you but it makes our lives much easier if the bags are backpacks or have a nice big strap.


  • First off, do you want to be wearing a jacket in your photos? If you think you might overheat as we’re moving around and taking photos, consider starting without a jacket (even if you’re a little chilly) to avoid having to carry it around with you after you take it off.


  • Everything you normally carry plus...

  • Snacks (half way through a photo shoot little kids usually CRASH HARD)

  • Toys that get your kids attention (squeeky ones, rattles, colorful animals etc…)

  • Outfit change (sometimes babies spit up or kids eat dirt right at the beginning of your photo shoot and their outfits are dirty in all the photos)

  • Tissue (buggers in photos don’t look cute)

Cheerios Saved the Day with the Yau Family’s Photo Shoot!

Cheerios Saved the Day with the Yau Family’s Photo Shoot!

Families are always asking us if they can bring props to their Seattle family photo shoots, especially when it comes to maternity & newborn photo shoots. Props are great for giving you something to play with or for making your pictures more interesting. See below for some of our favorite photo shoot props.

For maternity shoots we recommend baby's clothes, little shoes, ultrasound, announcement signs, etc. We've had some fun gender reveal photo shoots too! For newborn shoots we recommend favorite blankets, stuffed animals, baskets, cute outfits or hats etc... Any little details you'd like to have in the photos are always welcome! If we're shooting outdoors we also recommend bringing a blanket so that you can sit down without getting soggy. Check out our props Pinterest Board!

Here are some ideas of simple props:

  • Balloons (blown up the night before or morning of)

  • Wagons (stuff it with blankets so you’re little one is cozy to sit in)

  • Favorite toys (you may not have a choice with this one...your kiddos might be glued to their favorite stuffed doggie already)

  • Signs (wooden letters, flag bunting, chalkboards etc… You can write your family name or a little message).

  • Silly Mustaches (just for laughs)

  • Big Hats (more laughs)

Sports Jerseys (we take LOTS of family photos in Seahawks & Mariners jerseys - families throw these on for the last few minutes of their shoot).

Check out some of our favorite family photo shoots with props:

Otjen Family’s Beach Picnic with Hot Cocoa
Peh Family’s Maternity Shoot with Balloons
Akopova Family’s Maternity Shoot with Heart Balloons, Tutus & a Turquoise Chair
Mayszak Family’s Vegetable Picnic with Backyard Baseball
Halpin Family’s Beach Shoot Building Sand Castles & Flying Kites