We're Growing & Getting Happier! — Two New Ladies at the Happy Film Company

I rolled out of 5:50am with crazy hair, grabbed my camera and ran down to the beach. I stayed up until 3am perfectionizing over website designs. I beat my head against the wall wondering how to take better pictures, how to get more Facebook likes, and how to squeeze in a wink of sleep. At first I was obsessed, then I got burned out, then I gave the business a makeover and felt excited again, then I got discouraged, then I ran on fumes, then I learned to outsource and prioritize, then I found some women to join me, then it was fun again. Oh the roller coaster ride of small business owner, eh?

I started my photography business straight out of college. Over the past 4 years, I've seen it evolve with my whims and struggles and it's so rewarding to finally see some stability and growth waltzing in the doors of the Happy Film Company. This past month, Sept 2015, has been a turning point – we've been catching up after a year of falling behind, we've amped up the quality of our photos, we've reawakened our creative passions and started bringing visions to life, and most fantastically...we've hired two new ladies to join our creative team! 

For the past year, Ashley and I have held down the fort. We've had a few other lovely ladies pass through the business but the business wasn't quite ready yet to handle the staff paychecks. This fall, we are ready to expand — a BIG happy welcome to our new photographer, Camille, and our video editor, Amanda! Scroll down to see their bios & videos!


CAMILLE — Photographer / Photo Editor
She's Ashley's best friend and photography partner in crime....could there be a better fit? When I was advertising for a new photographer, we were scratching our heads and crossing our fingers. And then BOOM...the lightbulb clicked on. How did we not think of Camille before? She's full of life and her photos are da bomb! I'm so excited to have an extra set of camera-eyes to share the heavy load of autumn photo shoots and I can't wait to see what freshness she brings to our work! Check our Camille's bio on our about page!

AMANDA — Video Editor
She's our cute new video editor at the Happy Film Compan! I'm over the moon excited to have a new team member and to have someone helping us with video editing. It's been really challenging for me to run the business and edit videos quickly for clients. The stress was kinda gettin' to me and then suddenly this angel appears in my life and the sunshine & rainbows come out to play! I'm so excited to welcome Amanda to our creative team and I can't wait to share more of her beautiful video work with all of you this season! Check out Amanda's bio on our about page!