Volunteer Park Conservatory - Seattle Family Photography in Greenhouse

The Yu family is back for their second Seattle Family photography session in 2017 - woohoo! They had family visiting from out of town so I always try and make extra room in the schedule to squeeze in these last minute 'extended family photo shoots'. I realize family schedules are tricky to coordinate so one of my goals at the Happy Film Company is that we're as flexible as possible to make YOUR life as easy and stress-free as possible.

With the Yu family we were going to walk around the UW campus but the rain chased us inside to the world's coolest indoor photo shoot location on Capitol Hill - Volunteer Park Conservatory! Baby Hannah is in love with Minny mouse so she took her Mini Mouse backpack on an adventure through the jungle and desert greenhouses. She also does this crazy cute thing where she kicks her feet constantly when you hold her up in the air (I couldn't stop taking video of this!). Of course, it never takes long before the tears start to pour from babies and thankfully mommy had some crackers ready to bring back the smiles. Thank goodness for food - we love it at every age :D

Thank you so much Yu family for another fun Seattle family photo shoot. I love working with you guys and I'm excited to see you again soon as Hannah gets bigger and bigger! 
// Chamonix

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Volunteer Park Conservatory