Thorsen Family - Seattle Family Photographer - the Happy Film Company

Staying low and crawling across, trying not to look down, the boys made their way across the big wooden bridge at Told MacDonald Park in Carnation. This bridge is extra scary since there are tons of little slats in the wood that make it easy for you to look straight down at the fast flowing river below. I always get nervous that I'm going to drop camera equipment down into the cold water. The boys were more concerned about falling through themselves. These brothers were so loving towards one another and I loved asking them to cuddle and sword fight and jump off of stone walls. Thank you so much Thorsen family for choosing the Happy Film Company to be your Seattle Family photographer! I hope you enjoy your photos forever and ever and ever!! xoxo Chamonix & the Happy Film Company team!

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Tolt MacDonald Park, Carnation, WA