West Seattle

Let's Be Real in Family Photos - West Seattle Family Portraits at Alki Beach

What if my kid doesn't smile at the camera? What if they have a short attention span? What if they're obsessed with rocks and won't do anything else during our family photo shoot? First of all, who cares? Let's think about this experience as a moment to capture how things are...how they really are. Smiley photos are nice, but the ones we LOVE are the grumpy faces that you'll laugh back at, the intense focus on the shiny object (the truck, the hose, the rock), the snuggles from mom after a major meltdown. These beautiful moments of life can be captured with beautiful photography.

If we go into the shoot fixated on getting smiley photos then we're going to be stressed or frustrated if the kids don't cooperate and we'll be disappointed with the end product. If we go in open minded, give the kids freedom to explore or be shy, and celebrate the raw honest moments that are the most private and special (least photographed), then we're in for a treat.

As your photographer, I prioritize the art of making sure the photographs look beautiful and they are as flattering as possible to you. I am sensitive to double-chins, un-tucked shirts, blinking eyes etc... I keep an eye out for these things while you play freely. I want to take photos for you that are actual happy memories that got captured. I'm not as interested in taking photos that are posed just for the sake of a photo...I mean, what's the point of that?

When you look at a posed photo, sure you look pretty but does it make your heart sing with joy? I want to take photos that make you feel, cry, laugh and remember how wonderful your life is with these people you love. That's what we're shooting for, literally. So...what if your kid doesn't smile? What if they just want to hide behind your leg? We're working with kids, which means we're working with magical little creatures. Let's be patience, accepting and curious and see what happens and I'll capture it beautifully for you. Lots of love, Chamonix.

LOCATION: Alki Beach

West Seattle Family Photography - Hiawatha Park Playground

I met the Lacey family at Hiawatha park in West Seattle for their misty morning family photography session. When I got there it was drenched in fog and just as the Lacey's came around the corner, so did the sunshine! :) Fall is definitely in the air! Max and Gabrielle are such CUTIES with luscious curls and big, curious eyes. We wandered and jumped through the park, played on the swings, rode a bike super fast, and snuggled those kids! I had so much fun meeting such a lovely, sweet family as they enjoyed each others' company. Thanks so much Lacey family for choosing the Happy Film Company for your Seattle family videography and for being such a joy to photograph!!

Photographer: Ashley
Location: Hiawatha Park in West Seattle

West Seattle Family Photography at Lincoln Park

I met the VanDeWalle family at Lincoln park in Seattle for their sunny morning photo shoot! Instantly I was in love with their blue and white outfits, so effortless and cool in the hot weather. They brought their pup Stella along and she was such a ham for the camera, definitely ready for her closeup. ;) We wandered around underneath the trees, watched a ferry go past, snuggled up in the sunlit grass, and explored the beach! I had so much fun with such a sweet, loving family who just wanted to snuggle and jump around the beach. Thanks so much VanDeWalle family, I hope you're enjoying summertime! Thank you VanDeWalle Family for choosing the Happy Film Company for your West Seattle Family Photography!

Photographer: Ashley
Location: Lincoln Park, West Seattle

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