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Getting Great Family Photos When Kids are Screaming, Snotty-Nosed or Moody

“You were excited to see pumpkins ALL morning and now that we’re at the pumpkin patch, you suddenly hate pumpkins! WTF?” Typical two year olds. haha If this happens to you at your photo shoot, don’t worry. Parents and us family photographers know this phenomena well. These days I’m really not phased by anything kids throw my way. Kids can cry, scream, run away (ok, the running away is the toughest) and hide behind their parents the entire time and I still always get something usable. No, realistically, we’re not going to end up with the same abundant collection of images as if you’re kids were smiling little angels that day BUT we always get something and by something…I mean a handful.

In the history of the Happy Film Company there have been a few photo shoots that were so tricky and sucky because of bad lighting, bad attitudes or bad luck that we only ended up with a couple photos that were good enough to pass my high standards test. In these situations, we offered the families a redo photo shoot. So yes, this happens BUT 95% of the time your kids can have total meltdowns and we still get a ton of good photos.

There’s a sneaky art to getting good photos out of a shitty photo shoot experience.
It’s all about:
A) snapping the photos when the kids grabbing a breath in between screams
B) patiently charming the children until the open up or relax…even just a little bit
C) Stepping back and becoming an undercover photographer, like a sniper in the distance so parents can sooth and play without camera pressure
D) shooting so quickly that screams look like smiles or laughs lol
E) embracing the chaos and taking the best meltdown photos in history; capturing all the snotty noses and crossed arm scowls —- fine you’re gonna be like that? then we’re gonna get it all on camera! ha!

So parents, never fear. I got your back and you’re photos are gonna be beautiful.
And photographer friends, keep practicing and never let a rough shoot get you down. It’s about finding the little openings of light shining through in the storm and catching them quickly. Families will appreciate your positive eye and quick reflexes! ;)

Let me know if you have any questions.

Photographer: Chamonix
Activity: Pumpkin Patch Mini Sessions
Location: Oxbow Farm in the Snoqualmie Valley (my homeland)

Seattle Newborn Photography Session at Home

Puppy dog on the bed cuddling with a newborn baby! This is why I love the Dullum family and their awesome dog Mr. Charlie. This was their 6th photo shoot with the Happy Film Company for their Seattle family photos! A couple years ago they started working with us when Harper was born and they were one of our first clients to purchase our 'Baby's 1st Year Package' (4 Shoots in 1 Year). (Check out Big Sister Harper's Newborn Shoot).

They are now on their 2nd Babys 1st Year Package with their second kiddo, Miss. Kenna. It was so cool walking into their home and seeing how it has completely evolved from an "adult" house into a "family" house with kids who have their toys everywhere and kids music playing on the TV. I remembered their first shoot when they were brand new parents figuring things out and now they totally have it down. It's awesome seeing families grow and watching how their lives, houses, parenting styles, family dynamics etc... evolve.

Thank you Dullum family for inviting me into your home and family so often and sharing your special life memories with me. It's a pleasure working with you and creating your family photo collection. I can't wait for photo shoot #7 - coming up soon!!! xx Chamonix

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Private Residence

Introducing Cherry our New Office Assistant

My hero has arrived! Her name is Cherry and she is our brand new virtual office assistant at the Happy Film Company. She lives in the Philippines and she’ll be helping us manage our never-ending mountain of office tasks. Starting this week, Cherry will be here to answer your emails, publish our blog posts, send you the links to your online galleries and videos, and create more effective systems so we can serve you better (faster turnaround times and higher quality images!) Since we’re all one big happy family of amazing women here at the Happy Film Company, we’re super excited to have a new teammate. I hope you’ll get a chance to interact with her soon.

A message from Cherry:
"Hey Everyone! I am super stoked with this great opportunity that was given to me by the Happy Film Family. I am looking forward to interact with you real soon. For any inquiries, feel free to drop us a message and I'd be more than happy to assist you! " 

Virtual Office Assistant - The Happy Film Company

Virtual Office Assistant - The Happy Film Company

More about Cherry:
Hi I’m Cherry! I am a virtual assistant and act as the back end support of the Happy Film Company. I believe that the only way to do great work is to love what you do. During my free time I enjoy preparing lavish meals for my family and friends. I love going to the beach, Lying in the sunshine (in small doses), listening to reggae music with a glass of ice cold milk tea. Being a full time wife, a full time mom and a full time employee is not easy but I just stay strong and keep my priorities straight and so I have become the time management queen! Life sounds hectic but I am still one of the calmest and laid back people you may ever meet.


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