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What to Wear in Your Seattle Family Portraits - Poplin Style Can Help

What to wear for family photos? Mellicia will help you. My wonderful friend and business buddy, Mellicia Marx is the owner of Poplin Style. She empowers people to live their best lives, embracing fashion as a beautiful way to explore and express personal identity and creativity.

After you scroll through these photos I just took of Mellicia’s family, head over to her blog and read this: 5 Questions to Ask When Choosing What to Wear in Family Photos

On the morning of Mellicia’s family photo shoot, I was soooo beyond excited to see what she would be wearing when I showed up at the King Street Station in Pioneer Square. This family is stylist AF so my camera and I were EXCITED. Clothing makes a HUGE difference in family photos, taking images from good to great. Most of my clients take time to plan to outfits before their shoots, sometimes sending me photos of the clothes laid out on the bed the night before. I get lots of emails asking what to wear and my best advice to is to check out our outfit advice blog post, study photos on our blog and ask Mellicia at Poplin Style. haha

For Mellicia’s photos, I LOVED how her bright orange blouse brightened up all the photos, which were taken against monotone backgrounds (marble and cement). The boys were in rich dark blues which also made them POP off the lighter colored backgrounds.. Yummy for eyes because the clothing not only communicated this family’s individual style but it made them stand out. When taking photos, I’m always looking for ways to shine a spotlight on the people; sometimes it’s literally the light that is shining on them, making them brighter than everything else in the photo, sometimes it’s putting negative space around them so they are standing inside of a frame and sometimes it’s great outfits that catch us like eye-candy. Enjoy scrolling through the beautiful photo collection and seriously, email Mellicia if you want help with looking and feeling fabulous at your next photo shoot or just in life in general. She’s bomb and you can’t be around her for long before you feel bomb too! ;)


Photographer: Chamonix
Time of Year: November
King Street Station, Pioneer Square, Seattle
Activity: Exploring the Train Station

Let's Be Real in Family Photos - West Seattle Family Portraits at Alki Beach

What if my kid doesn't smile at the camera? What if they have a short attention span? What if they're obsessed with rocks and won't do anything else during our family photo shoot? First of all, who cares? Let's think about this experience as a moment to capture how things they really are. Smiley photos are nice, but the ones we LOVE are the grumpy faces that you'll laugh back at, the intense focus on the shiny object (the truck, the hose, the rock), the snuggles from mom after a major meltdown. These beautiful moments of life can be captured with beautiful photography.

If we go into the shoot fixated on getting smiley photos then we're going to be stressed or frustrated if the kids don't cooperate and we'll be disappointed with the end product. If we go in open minded, give the kids freedom to explore or be shy, and celebrate the raw honest moments that are the most private and special (least photographed), then we're in for a treat.

As your photographer, I prioritize the art of making sure the photographs look beautiful and they are as flattering as possible to you. I am sensitive to double-chins, un-tucked shirts, blinking eyes etc... I keep an eye out for these things while you play freely. I want to take photos for you that are actual happy memories that got captured. I'm not as interested in taking photos that are posed just for the sake of a photo...I mean, what's the point of that?

When you look at a posed photo, sure you look pretty but does it make your heart sing with joy? I want to take photos that make you feel, cry, laugh and remember how wonderful your life is with these people you love. That's what we're shooting for, literally. So...what if your kid doesn't smile? What if they just want to hide behind your leg? We're working with kids, which means we're working with magical little creatures. Let's be patience, accepting and curious and see what happens and I'll capture it beautifully for you. Lots of love, Chamonix.

LOCATION: Alki Beach

Ladybug 1st Birthday Cake Smash at Alki Beach - Happy Seattle Family Photography

I feel like I'm on a winning streak! Every family that I'm photographing these days I happy! The HAPPY Film company is 3.5 years old and we've photographed and made videos for over 800 families in Seattle. Some of these families have been kinda grumpy (sad face) and some have been camera shy (keep coming - we'll get over it together) and some have been awkward (keep coming and we'll keep laughing about it) and some have been bubbly explosions of joy. Everybody is welcome here. I like to assume that if you're hiring the HAPPY Film Company then you want to be happy - you either feel it already and you want to capture it OR you need a boost of happiness and you hope a playful family photography session will help lift the mood! Either way, I would love to photograph you BUT PLEASE come to the Happy Film Company only if you want happiness. Cuz let's be honest for a's a total drain and tough work day for me to spend time trying to take happy photos when a family is grumpy, bossing their kids around, kids are whining and spoiled, or dad just feels like he's rather be anywhere else. I do my absolute best to help these families have a good time but the kind of photography I offer is a two way street. When families bring positive vibes, I LOVE my job and I'm actually excited to go 'to work' with my camera.

The Colburn family is one of these amazing families that I look forward to seeing multiple times each year. After a handful of shoots, we've become friends and I get to celebrate with them as their kids grow up. This time I got to crawl on the beach with the Colburns, collecting crab shells, wishing rocks and totally annihilating a ladybug cake for Emy's 1st birthday cake smash! Oh and grandma & grandpa always join us for these shoots - such a nice way to include the whole family! It's a beautiful relationship and I hope with all my heart that the photos I create for them fill their home with positivity that keeps them smiling year round. Thank you once again Colburn family for another beautiful shoot. See you soon!

Past Colburn Family Photo Shoots:
Colburn Family's Birthday Cake Smash - Seattle Family Photography - the Happy Film Company
Colburn Family's Forest Walk - Seattle Family Photographer - the Happy Film Company

If your family needs and wants more happiness, I'd love to work with you. Send me an email with questions ( or BOOK YOUR SHOOT ONLINE.

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Alki Beach (Near Salty's in West Seattle)
Adventure: First Birthday Cake Smash at the Beach