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The Pros & Cons of Taking Seattle Family Photos at the Volunteer Park Conservatory

My camera fogged up like a pair of glasses the moment we walked inside the giant glass greenhouse on Capitol Hill to take Seattle family Christmas photos for the Haber Family. During this shoot we experienced all the pros & cons of taking photos at the Volunteer Park Conservatory. It's a funky photo shoot location so let me tell ya what to expect:

the Happy Film Company - Seattle Family Photos - Volunteer Park Conservatory - little girl in purple dress outfits

**THE PROS** of Taking Seattle Family Photos at Volunteer Park Conservatory:

1) Perfect Backup on Rainy Days
This location is perfect for all of our rainy days during the winter when you want to take photos "outside" but not actually outside. Not only is it dry, it's also warm because the plants need warmth just like your kids!
2) Gorgeous Natural Light
The light is glorious because of all the glass windows. In the summer, it can be too bright but in the winter when it's overcast outside, the conservatory has perfect portrait lighting.
3) So Many Cool Plants!
Inside the greenhouse, you'll have lots of plant variety to choose from; tropical plants, desert plants and seasonal plants (in November and December they have holiday decorations with a Santa chair and toy train track). My favorite room is the desert room because of all the funky cacti that are so different than the plants we have outside in the PNW. Our native plants are all dark green but the desert plants are soft pretty pastels (teals, pinks and creams) so if you like those pastel vibes, that might be the perfect room for your Seattle family photos! If you want giant leafy banana kinda leaves and your kids want to splash their fingers in a pond with some jungle vines, then the tropical room is for you. Some families like taking photos in ALL the rooms to get lots of variety and some families just choose one room and stay put so their photos look consistent (and they just like those plants best).

the Happy Film Company - Seattle Family Photos - Volunteer Park Conservatory - photography purple outfits winter

**THE CONS** of Taking Seattle Family Photos at Volunteer Park Conservatory:

1) Can Be Busy / Crowded
The only potential downside to taking your family photos at the conservatory is that we sometimes have to wiggle around other people and other photographers.
2) Can Be Steamy
We usually have to wait a moment for my camera to de-fog (haha) and if you wear glasses, you might need your microfiber cloth or whatever you use to keep em clear. The humidity can also feel a little heavy at times (it's really not that bad though) -- this is just a warning so if you're super sensitive your hair might frizz a little or you might feel a little sweaty.
3) Tight Spaces
It can be a little bit squishy because we have to stick to the pathways and there isn't a big open area to run around in. For these reasons, sometimes this location is better for babies & younger kids that have shorter legs and might just want to hold your hand and cuddle. Older kids that have more energy that wants to explore and climb on things and be silly in photos will have lots to look at in the conservatory but they might prefer to be outside in the park. Luckily, the conservatory is location in the middle of Volunteer Park on Capitol Hill which has tons of grassy areas and forests to explore. 
4) Admission Fee
All adults need to pay a $4 admission fee (kids are free).

--- Thanks so much Haber family for a misty Seattle family holiday photography session in the greenhouse. You guys are so sweet and Hazel made the funniest little faces! I look forward to see you guys again next year! :) x Chamonix

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Volunteer Park Conservatory, Seattle
Adventure: Christmas Card Photos
Shoot Date: November 2017 

Kid-Free Family Photo Shoots - How We Help Adult Couples Have Fun and Relax

What do we do during a Seattle maternity portrait session when there are no kids to play with? Photo shoots with kids and dogs are relatively easy because we can just focus on them and the awkward or camera shy adults don't feel like they're under the microscope. But when the only child around is still inside the belly, then the spotlight is on mom and dad. Never fear! The Happy Film Company is here with years of experience photographing weddings, couples, women's boudoir and headshots. We know how to help adults relax in front of the camera and what's more, we actually know how to have just on adult-only shoots. Without the kids, we don't have to worry about diaper bags or pouty lips. We can still make goofy faces and skip down the street but we can also whisper dirty secrets in each other's ears that force a little giggle or blush. We can also get all artsy-fartsy and cover more ground (because we don't have little legs trying to keep up) and find really cool locations and funky backgrounds. We can experiment with creative poses (sometimes kids limit the poses we can do because they're so squirmy. We can recreate your wedding photos like the Karlson's did during their maternity photo shoot at Kirkland Marina Park. This is a photo they're going to recreate for the rest of their lives and as kids join the family, they'll just find their spot in the photo too! Oh and when it's just adults, we can actually have an interested conversation (without little hands pulling on our shirts) and get to know each other better as people, which helps us all feel more relaxed which results in better photos. So whether you're dating, a family of two, almost a family of three or desperate for a babysitter so you can go on a photography session datenight, the three of us are going to have a fun time taking photos. You can book the same family photography session that we sell on our website as the "Family Photo Shoot" for couples and maternity shoots. If you have any questions, shoot em over to Thanks so much Karlson family of 2+1 for such a laid-back morning shoot this summer! Can't wait to see you again soon for the = 3 photo shoot! :) - Chamonix

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Kirkland Marina Park
Adventure: Maternity