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Natural Seattle Newborn Photography at Home - White and Blue Outfit

This week we've been focusing a lot of newborn babies. We got lots of client who book in. The last week I've done 3 newborn photoshoot and today we're excited remembering the Siew family's newborn photoshoot from last year.

Thanks Siew Family! We hope you're doing well now that your baby is a year older.  xoxo Chamonix and the Happy Film Company Team.

Here's the blog from last year:

I had the pleasure of shooting the Siew family's maternity photos (click here to view their maternity photos), and was so excited to meet their tiny little one! Chloe was such a cutie, though she wasn't very happy with us waking her up from her nap! ;) She had such powerful lungs, this one! Despite her being fussy, we got so many sweet photos! Ivone and Terrance are such doting, patient parents, knowing what Chloe needed to be cozy and happy. I love working with such joyful, new parents as they start their families! Thanks so much Siew family for asking the Happy Film Company to take your photos a second time!

*Chloe was asleep right up until her photo shoot. This is one of the benefits of doing newborn photos at her home. 99% of our newborn photo shoots take place at people's homes. We recommend newborn photo shoots in private residences because they are more personal and much easier on new parents and babies. Everything you need is right there are your convenience! Plus, you have privacy and complete control over the environment. 

Photographer: Ashley
Location: Private Residence

Prop Ideas for Summer Seattle Maternity Photography Session at Newcastle Beach Park

Last year we had the pleasure of photographing the Ferreira family for their awesome prop-filled Seattle maternity photography session. This super sweet family from Brazil was full of creative ideas to celebrate their soon-to-be-born daughter. They’re a rockstar example of a great way to incorporate props into your family photo shoot.

We always encourage families to bring personal items and fun props to make their photos more unique and customized.
Click here to learn more about using props in your photo shoot.

The Ferreira family not only had their ultrasounds and baby clothes but they even brought along parenting books in their native language of Portuguese! Such a cute idea :D We love showing off props like this because it helps to tell the story of what’s going on behind the photos - they were not simply pregnant and about to have a baby like it’s no big deal...they were about to become parents and they had been researching and shopping and going to doctors appointments. All these props help to tell that story and these photos will help to trigger their memories of all those details of this crazy new and exciting time in their life.

So here’s to you Ferreira family - a little Throwback Thursday post to celebrate how clever and creative you were with your Seattle maternity photo shoot props! You guys are so awesome. Xx Chamonix & the Happy Film Company ladies.

Photographer: Ashley
Location: Newcastle Beach Park

Seattle Newborn Photography for Mother's Day - The Beauty of Watching Families Grow

I was just looking through the Seattle family photo shoots we did in May of last year (exactly one year ago) and it was so exciting to see how much our clients have grown...just in a year! I scroll through our blog and I find the same family’s maternity photos, newborn photos, 1 year birthday photos and then another maternity session for their next baby on the way! Being here for this growth is so exciting.  This is why we are so crazy about our Baby’s 1st Year package (4 Photo Shoots in 1 Year). We get to watch these sweet couples become parents and celebrate their first Mother’s Day. We see them at their first newborn shoot trying to figure out how diapers work and then we see them two years later with their second baby and they’re total pros!

Today, I unburied photos we took of the Riche family for their Mother’s Day newborn photo shoot in May 2015. We also took their maternity photos and I’m a huge fan of Anita’s Seahawks themed nail polish (wootwoot! Go 12!!) That baby’s being born into a good family ;) hehe As for their newborn photos, I’m simply in love with how pretty Baby Isla is all decked out in her pink outfit and baby headband (gotta love it!) and just chillin’ in the park with her awesome giraffe! (I want a giraffe like that - haha). -- Thank you so much Riche family for asking the Happy Film Company to capture these special moments of your life! Happy Throwback Thursday! Xx Chamonix

New born photography -  the Happy Film Company - Seattle Family Photography

“I met Anita and Matt last year for their Seattle maternity photography session, and was so excited to meet their little cutie! Baby Isla is so adorable, with giant eyes and the sweetest lil smirk. I met up with them for their Seattle newborn photos for Mother’s Day. We cozied up and snuggled with some stuffed animals, played in the grass and through the trees, and even had some balloons! Isla was a champ, laughing and getting so many kisses from her parents. I love getting to meet all the babies of our lovely clients, and was so happy to see Isla in the flesh! Thank you so much Riche family for once again choosing the Happy Film Company to take your Seattle family portraits. We love working with you guys :) ~ Ashley”


Photographer: Ashley
Location: Private Residence