Newcastle Beach Park

Prop Ideas for Summer Seattle Maternity Photography Session at Newcastle Beach Park

Last year we had the pleasure of photographing the Ferreira family for their awesome prop-filled Seattle maternity photography session. This super sweet family from Brazil was full of creative ideas to celebrate their soon-to-be-born daughter. They’re a rockstar example of a great way to incorporate props into your family photo shoot.

We always encourage families to bring personal items and fun props to make their photos more unique and customized.
Click here to learn more about using props in your photo shoot.

The Ferreira family not only had their ultrasounds and baby clothes but they even brought along parenting books in their native language of Portuguese! Such a cute idea :D We love showing off props like this because it helps to tell the story of what’s going on behind the photos - they were not simply pregnant and about to have a baby like it’s no big deal...they were about to become parents and they had been researching and shopping and going to doctors appointments. All these props help to tell that story and these photos will help to trigger their memories of all those details of this crazy new and exciting time in their life.

So here’s to you Ferreira family - a little Throwback Thursday post to celebrate how clever and creative you were with your Seattle maternity photo shoot props! You guys are so awesome. Xx Chamonix & the Happy Film Company ladies.

Photographer: Ashley
Location: Newcastle Beach Park

Newcastle Beach Park First Birthday Portraits — Volunteer Photo Shoot for Preemie Prints

I met Kelsey and her gorgeous baby at Newcastle beach park on the sunniest day for some good, ol' fashioned cake smashing!! These two were such a cuties, though the little one wasn't too keen on having a camera in her face... ;) We wandered around the forest and watched the leaves sway in the breeze. We grabbed a handful of leaves and tried to have a taste but decided the cake was much more delicious! ;) Kelsey baked and decorated the cake herself and it turned out so gorgeous! We set up our cozy picnic area complete with colorful balloons and let this sweet little girl go to town. She was so polite and hardly made a mess, haha! Thanks so much Greene family for letting the Happy Film Company capture your first birthday memories!

Location: Newcastle Beach Park

Working with Preemie Prints
A few times each year, we work as volunteer photographers for Preemie Prints. We are so happy to have had the chance to work with the Greene family and we are very honored to share their preemie story here on our blog:

The Greene Family's Preemie Story
"Our first sign of trouble during my pregnancy was at 20 weeks. At our anatomy ultrasound they noticed the baby was measuring almost 3 weeks behind where she should have been. This was after being a week ahead at her 13 week scan. She also showed a few other issues and had low fluid. Instantly, my pregnancy went from normal to high risk and we were devastated. Doctors guessed at a list of possible reasons to explain what they were seeing.

First they suggested she had contracted a virus and wouldnt survive. Then they were certain it had to be something genetic, possibly terminal. They ran every test possible and everything came back normal yet she continued to not grow the way she should. We held out hope that she would make it to a size and gestation where she could survive birth. I was heavily monitored twice a week but her growth restriction continued until the day she was born.

After a very stressful last 5 months of pregnancy I was induced just shy of 38 weeks. Unfortunately she didnt tolerate labor and she was born via C-section weighing 3.8 pounds. Her weight meant she was directly admitted to the level 3 NICU and I went to recovery. The 24 hours in recovery before they allowed me to visit her were the longest of my life.

The good news was that she was doing great! Low blood sugar, temperature regulation and learning to breast feed kept her in the NICU for 7 days. But the moment they said she could go home we jumped at the chance and took her home that very day! She went home to join 3 excited big siblings. And while she has done really really well and we never found a reason for her restricted growth, her small size is a lasting effect of what happened to her while growing inside. Her body may never know how to grow big and strong on its own and she could have lasting implications from that. But as a family we will help her to overcome any obstacle that her rough start puts in her way!"

Thank you so much again Kelsy for sharing this inspirational story! We can't wait to take more photos for your family in the future. Thank you Preemie Prints for introducing us!