Christine, Madisen & Ruby's Greenlake Family Photo Shoot - the Happy Film Company

Another photo shoot with the fabulous Christine & Ruby and this time Madisen (Christine's daughter) joined us for their Greenlake Family Photo Shoot in Seattle. I love photographing this beautiful family. I got to take pictures of Christine and Ruby at Edmonds Marina Beach Park last month and I was so happy when she asked me to do another photo shoot this month. The sunshine in Seattle is so gorgeous at the moment and it was pouring down through the trees in the park, creating a dreamy boulevard that I could have photographed for hours with these three girls giggling the whole time. Thank you so much Christine, Madisen & Ruby for spending a wonderful morning with me in the park and for asking the Happy Film Company to be your Seattle Family Photographer. I can't wait for your next photo shoot! :) — xoxo Chamonix 

Photographer: Chamonix of the Happy Film Company
Location: Greenlake, Seattle, WA
Time of Day: Morning

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Father Son Photo Shoot at Starbucks Headquarters — the Happy Film Company

Starbucks Headquarters was closed for the weekend but the Happy Film Company got to sneak in with special photo shoot privileges! Rachel met this sweet family in this gorgeous big building and went to work on a fun father-son photo shoot! I loved how she photographed them from above on the stairs and had them playing around in the spacious atrium. All the pretty light was pouring in from the sky and they were laughing and running under the indoor trees. Thank you guys so much for choosing the Happy Film Company for your Seattle Family Photography. We hope you had fun on our Starbucks adventure and we hope you love these pictures forever! :) — xoxo Chamonix & Rachel

Becker Kids Film - the Happy Film Company - Seattle Family Videos

The star of this video is Annabelle's infectiously happy laugh. Her mom was tickling her and she opened her mouth and giggled full heartedly making all of us feel happy. I'm so happy to have caught this beautiful little girl at this precious and magically time in her life where she can laugh so freely. As for her little brother, he was bobbing along in his mom's arm interested in when his next snack time would be and trying to enjoy the world through his head full of gorgeous brown hair. What a cutie! Thank you so much Becker kids for lighting up the camera with your joy and cute faces. We hope your daddy loves this video forever and ever! And thank you Tera for asking the Happy Film Company to help you celebrate Father's Day! :) — xoxo Chamonix & Rachel