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3 Rules for Achieving Good Lighting in Your Seattle Family Portraits

Welcome Leung Family! We first met this sweet family at a PEPS luncheon and are thrilled they joined the Happy Film Company for a full shoot! (What is PEPS? Check it out here!)

Olga met David, Sarah, Zachary, and Hazel at one of our favorite locations: Golden GardensIt was one of those perfect Seattle summer evenings where the sun is sparking and beginning to set, there's not a cloud in the sky, and air is calm and warm. You can tell these photos are bright, airy and full of warmth. Here are some tips in order to achieve this look:

1). Golden Hour. Many people will ask us as photographers what the secret to a good photo is. While there are many aspects to creating an appealing image, you know what most will say first? Light, light and more light! This is why we often encourage families to shoot late in the evening or early in the morning - when the light is soft and low in the sky. Although these are preferred, we understand that those times might not always be the most convenient. No fear! We have tricks up our sleeves to make any hour of the day feel like golden hour. 

2). Backlight. See? Here I go with the lighting again. As you'll notice in the below photos, Olga shot many with the sun at the back of the family. Many beginning photographers will face their subjects towards the sun becuase they want them to be lit! Makes sense, and sometimes thats the right call, but often, facing your subject away from the light source helps create the glow-y, dewy light we all find so appealing.

3). Filtered light. Being a family portrait company in Seattle, we often rejoice when we get a sunny day to shoot in! These can be tricky, however, as the lighting can be more harsh. Although shooting during golden hour can help, finding filtered light can be the difference from an OK image to a dreamy image. Look at the first couple shots below. Olga shot through the trees which creates a light filter of sorts making the image even more light and airy. 

Thank you again Leung Family! We loved taking your Seattle family portraits!

Photographer: Olga
Location: Golden Gardens

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