Easy Forest Walk

Owings Family - Seattle Family Photos - the Happy Film Company

Leaves are tasty. Pinecones are tasty. Dirt is tasty. Rocks are tasty. That's what Emrie was thinking as we went on a peaceful stroll through Boeing Creek Park last weekend. This cute little family of three was enjoying the tall trees in this amazing forest that's hidden right in the middle of Seattle. The sunshine was turning all the leaves lime green and we balanced our way across the stream — ok, actually I threw off my shoes and waded across the water (I didn't trust my balance and I feared for the life of my photography equipment haha). I loved photographing Emrie and her parents playing by the stream and throwing stones (that were apparently delicious) into the water. My feet were freezing but it was totally worth it when I captured that black and white photo of Emrie standing in the water with the longest piece of drool dripping straight down into the river. haha Thank you so much Owings family for choosing the Happy Film Company for your Seattle Family Photos! I had so much fun with you three and I hope you have fun looking at your pictures for years to come! I can't wait to photograph you again in the future as Emrie gets bigger and bigger :D Enjoy! xoxo Chamonix & the Happy Film Company team!

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Boeing Creek Park

Toms Family - Family Photography Seattle - the Happy Film Company

I was basically dying of the cuteness as I watched Mary tie Remy's long blonde hair up into little curly pigtails. Remy wasn't convinced it was the best idea but I was loving every minute of it from behind the camera. Her sweet little face was angelic to begin with let alone the glorious sunset light that was pouring through tree from behind her. Once her hair was up in pigtails and the girls had successfully covered themselves in sticky bubble soap, we wound our way back through the grassy forest to the river beach. The girls practiced skipping stones and collected giant rocks that they could hurl out into the current. I had so much fun playing with these beautiful little girls and I'm so grateful for such a gorgeous summer day that made their photo shoot fun AND beautiful!! Thank you so much Toms family for trusting the Happy Film Company with your family photography Seattle! You were all delightful to work with and I can't wait to photograph you again in the future!! xoxo Chamonix & the Happy Film Company team!

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Heirman Wildlife Nature Preserve, Snohomish
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Dickson Family Photo Shoot - Seattle Family Photography - the Happy Film Company

Olivia wouldn't stop smiling and laughing. Apparently, she has always been a happy little baby but recently, just in the last month or so, she has started wrinkling up her nose when she smiles! She was also having a crazy hair day so her daddy liked the idea of keeping her sweet little red hat on her head (hide the wild golden locks lol). I think my personal favorite photo from their Seattle Family Photography session is the vertical black & white photo with Olivia being held up in the air and the sunshine in streaming down through her hat — I just love it! Olivia also had the cutest little shoes that parents LOVE and babies never want to wear - haha. She kept pushing them off and we had to keep our eyes peeled for little shoes being left behind as we strolled around the park. I enjoyed my afternoon at the park with the Dickson family and I seriously can't wait to photograph them again in the future! They're so kinds, encouraging, supportive of my business, and needless to photogenic ;) Thank you so much again Dickson family for choosing the Happy Film Company to be your Seattle Family Photographer! We hope you enjoy these happy photos forever and grandma's office still has space for all for all of them. haha — xoxo Chamonix

Photographer: Chamonix of the Happy Film Company
Location: Tolt-MacDonald Park, Carnation, WA

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