City Walk

What to Wear in Your Seattle Family Portraits - Poplin Style Can Help

What to wear for family photos? Mellicia will help you. My wonderful friend and business buddy, Mellicia Marx is the owner of Poplin Style. She empowers people to live their best lives, embracing fashion as a beautiful way to explore and express personal identity and creativity.

After you scroll through these photos I just took of Mellicia’s family, head over to her blog and read this: 5 Questions to Ask When Choosing What to Wear in Family Photos

On the morning of Mellicia’s family photo shoot, I was soooo beyond excited to see what she would be wearing when I showed up at the King Street Station in Pioneer Square. This family is stylist AF so my camera and I were EXCITED. Clothing makes a HUGE difference in family photos, taking images from good to great. Most of my clients take time to plan to outfits before their shoots, sometimes sending me photos of the clothes laid out on the bed the night before. I get lots of emails asking what to wear and my best advice to is to check out our outfit advice blog post, study photos on our blog and ask Mellicia at Poplin Style. haha

For Mellicia’s photos, I LOVED how her bright orange blouse brightened up all the photos, which were taken against monotone backgrounds (marble and cement). The boys were in rich dark blues which also made them POP off the lighter colored backgrounds.. Yummy for eyes because the clothing not only communicated this family’s individual style but it made them stand out. When taking photos, I’m always looking for ways to shine a spotlight on the people; sometimes it’s literally the light that is shining on them, making them brighter than everything else in the photo, sometimes it’s putting negative space around them so they are standing inside of a frame and sometimes it’s great outfits that catch us like eye-candy. Enjoy scrolling through the beautiful photo collection and seriously, email Mellicia if you want help with looking and feeling fabulous at your next photo shoot or just in life in general. She’s bomb and you can’t be around her for long before you feel bomb too! ;)


Photographer: Chamonix
Time of Year: November
King Street Station, Pioneer Square, Seattle
Activity: Exploring the Train Station

Pike Place Market and Post Alley Couples Portraits - Seattle Family Photography

Taylor & Zach were ecstatic to be visiting Seattle from Texas! What a treat to spend the morning with them at Pike Place Market and show them this beautiful city I call home. We avoided the March drizzle and explored the bubblegum wall, Post Alley and peered in the windows at Beechers cheese. As much as I have fun with kids at photo shoots, it sure is nice every now and then to run around the city with two adults who do whatever I ask and we get to have actual conversations during the shoot since we aren't getting interrupted by the little ones. ha! If you and your honey haven't been photographed (just the two of you) in a while, give me a call and lets go spend an hour exploring town, talking about good sushi restaurants & taking adorable happy pictures :) Trust me, without the kids, photo shoots can actually be stress free and a really fun date idea! Thank you so much Taylor & Zach for being such a delight. I hope the rest of your time in Seattle in magical! :) xx Chamonix & tHFC Ladies

Photographer: Chamonix
Adventure: City Walk
Location: Pike Place Market (Seattle)

Seattle Family Photography Mini Session at Kerry Park

Seattle is one of the most beautiful places in the world (it's a fact and I'm 100% biased being a born & raised Seattlist...but it's still a fact ha!) and when it comes to outdoor locations for Seattle Family Photography sessions we are spoiled for choice! If you're looking for a location that celebrates the city skyline, look no further than Kerry Park. It's a small neighborhood park with a massive view. You can see the space needle, all the skyscrapers, the water of Puget Sound with all the ferry boats and cargo ships and on a clear day you'll even see Mount Rainier in the background. There are often tourists mingling around with cameras and we can avoid them by climbing up on the little wall and finding our own private bench. If we're doing a short photo shoot then we'll probably just stick around the lookout area but if you've booked an entire hour of photography with us then we'll have enough time to explore around the nearby neighborhood which has some beautiful brick buildings, ivy covered walls and full little staircases. If you're searching for more interesting city photo shoot locations off the beaten track, just ask and we'll send you over our entire list of inspiring spots! -- Thank you so much Tankala family for ANOTHER sweet family photo shoot. Thank you for always choosing the Happy Film Company and coming back for more! We hope you have a fun Valentines Day and stay warm in the chilly weather. We'll see you again later this year for sunshine portraits! // Chamonix

Photographer: Chamonix
Adventure: City Walk (Valentines Day Mini Session)
Location: Kerry Park