Cake Smash

Butterfly Themed 1st Birthday Cake Smash Party

Another amazing birthday party thrown by the Clabeaux family! We were just at Sebastian's 3rd birthday with a cool firetruck theme and now we get to share some butterfly cuteness with ya! The Clabeaux family has a beautiful home in Queen Anne, Seattle and they enjoy throwing fun themed birthday parties for their kids that always include attention to details like party favors, special cake decorations and interactive activities for the children. In the past, they've also done a bubble party and "The Little Prince" theme party. If you're looking for party planning inspiration, Maria has also written a blog post for us with her top tips for planning kids birthday partiesThanks so much Clabeaux's for another beautiful celebration. See you soon!! // Chamonix & tHFC Ladies

Photographer: Ashley
Activity: Cake Smash / Birthday Party
Location: Private Residence

Ladybug 1st Birthday Cake Smash at Alki Beach - Happy Seattle Family Photography

I feel like I'm on a winning streak! Every family that I'm photographing these days I happy! The HAPPY Film company is 3.5 years old and we've photographed and made videos for over 800 families in Seattle. Some of these families have been kinda grumpy (sad face) and some have been camera shy (keep coming - we'll get over it together) and some have been awkward (keep coming and we'll keep laughing about it) and some have been bubbly explosions of joy. Everybody is welcome here. I like to assume that if you're hiring the HAPPY Film Company then you want to be happy - you either feel it already and you want to capture it OR you need a boost of happiness and you hope a playful family photography session will help lift the mood! Either way, I would love to photograph you BUT PLEASE come to the Happy Film Company only if you want happiness. Cuz let's be honest for a's a total drain and tough work day for me to spend time trying to take happy photos when a family is grumpy, bossing their kids around, kids are whining and spoiled, or dad just feels like he's rather be anywhere else. I do my absolute best to help these families have a good time but the kind of photography I offer is a two way street. When families bring positive vibes, I LOVE my job and I'm actually excited to go 'to work' with my camera.

The Colburn family is one of these amazing families that I look forward to seeing multiple times each year. After a handful of shoots, we've become friends and I get to celebrate with them as their kids grow up. This time I got to crawl on the beach with the Colburns, collecting crab shells, wishing rocks and totally annihilating a ladybug cake for Emy's 1st birthday cake smash! Oh and grandma & grandpa always join us for these shoots - such a nice way to include the whole family! It's a beautiful relationship and I hope with all my heart that the photos I create for them fill their home with positivity that keeps them smiling year round. Thank you once again Colburn family for another beautiful shoot. See you soon!

Past Colburn Family Photo Shoots:
Colburn Family's Birthday Cake Smash - Seattle Family Photography - the Happy Film Company
Colburn Family's Forest Walk - Seattle Family Photographer - the Happy Film Company

If your family needs and wants more happiness, I'd love to work with you. Send me an email with questions ( or BOOK YOUR SHOOT ONLINE.

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Alki Beach (Near Salty's in West Seattle)
Adventure: First Birthday Cake Smash at the Beach

4 Tips for Planning an Adorable Family Photo Shoot - 1st Birthday Cake Smash

Pink frosting, bubbles floating in the air and a super sparkly birthday candle...oh and the adorable twin toddlers with their baby sister in her tutu. Can we get any cuter?! I mean seriously! haha We love photographing the Frick family because they always WOW us with their adorable styling. The Frick family's photo shoots always turn out so beautifully because they follow along with some of our favorite Seattle family photo shoot planning tips:

  1. Pay special attention to color palettes; the color of your clothing can coordinate with the props and scenery. You'll notice in the Frick family's cake smash photos (see below) that they thought about color themes (pink and gold). They have outfits that are all slightly different but still complimentary - their clothes have patterns but not logos or graphics. The twins match which is always cute. 
  2. Take time before we arrive to think about the types of photos they want. Do you want to be indoors, outdoors, running around, standing still, tickling, throwing kids in the air, cuddling etc...This makes it easy for us because we everybody is on the same page - we know what they're expecting and we can put all of our photography attention into creating that for them. They had an agenda for their shoot - start with pictures of the kids playing, grab a picture of the whole family together, take pictures of snack time followed by blowing out the birthday candle on the cake, the smashing the cake to pieces, then washing off in the bubble bath tub. This step-by-step outline for their shoot is useful because it A) tells a story of what they did that day so the pictures are less posed and more natural and B) we were able to focus on having fun and taking pictures instead of figuring out what activities we should be doing. If you plan ahead of time you have more time for freedom and fun during your actual shoot.
  3. When planning your photo shoot, the more information you give us beforehand the better. Send us Pinterest photos, lists of poses you like, pictures of your outfits etc... We'll give you feedback to help steer you in the best direction. When we see pictures that are inspiring you we can tell you what time of day, which locations, which activities we need etc...
  4. Ask us for our advice. We have worked with over 600 Seattle families and we have lots of suggestions for what works and what doesn't. We can send you examples and help you figure out what works best for your family. You can always email questions to

LOCATION: Private Residence