Spread Joy Through Family Photos - Seattle Family Photography

Holy cow, when a family shows up with so much light and energy, the biggest smiles you've ever seen AND the kids have a mind of their own for how they want this photo shoot to go, you gotta love it! I met the Waldman family back in 2014 at a PEPS Group in Kirkland when they had their first baby and now here we are, two kids pulling their parents around a park, climbing on benches with silly faces, playing the drums on daddy's head and running off into the distance only to run back to use scream when they think we're going to leave them behind! Haha. Seeing joyful parents raise joyful children fill ME with joy too. I feel like I'm watching the world become a better place from behind my camera and I hope the photos I take will spread online and bring more smiles to people around the world. Happy Father's Day Waldman family! Keep shining bright! - Chamonix

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Heritage Park (Kirkland)
Adventure: Father's Day Mini Sessions