Should I book my Seattle family photo shoot at Golden Hour?

What is Golden Hour?
You may have heard of the "golden hour" - it' a photography term that describes the time of day right after the sun rises and before it sets. In tropical places like Hawaii this light only lasts for 15-25 minutes, but in temperate regions like Seattle, golden hour can last up to an entire hour!

During golden hour, the light is traveling towards you through the earth's atmosphere at a certain angle that allows the red, orange and yellow light waves to travel further (so you see more of them and less of the greens, blues and purples). This makes the light in the sky appear more golden, hence the name, and it's absolutely beautiful in portraits! Having the angle of the sun closer to the horizon also creates more flattering back lighting (this means that the light hits you from behind your head rather than right on top of your head), making shadows less severe and bringing a dreamy, romantic glow effect to your photos. 

It's no wonder we photographers are obsessed with this gorgeous light!

However, while golden hour is an almost daily occurrence in places like California, it's a little more hit and miss up here in Seattle. We do our best to help families schedule their Seattle family photo shoots at these beautiful times of golden light but it can never be guaranteed. For your best chances of golden light during your photo shoot, check the weather forecast for a sunny day and reserve the first or last time slots on our availability calendar. 

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