Seattle Public Library Family Photo Shoot in the Children's Section

"We're leaving...See ya later..." What else can you do but threaten to leave when your child's focus is locked into the latch board (pun intended hehe)? The last time we photographed the Connolly family they were playing in the forest [check out their family photo shoot at Lincoln Park in West Seattle]. This time, Finnigan was entranced by toys in the children's section at the Seattle Public Library. It took us 10 minutes trying to think of a way to get him to leave the table and explore the rest of the library with us. Isn't kid-focus is amazing. Eventually, we played hide and seek through the stacks of books, carried around a big globe (apparently he has his own big globe at home that he's obsessed with), kicked over blocks and tried at least five times to read a story but he just kept wriggling away. After playing in the kids area, the Connolly family decided to explore upstairs where the awesome windows are and then we took beautiful family photos outside on 5th street under cover. If you choose to do an indoor photo shoot, I always recommend squeezing in a few outdoor portraits because the lighting is much better outside. That way you have the fun interesting pictures from inside and the beautiful high-quality lighting pictures from outside. 

Thank you so much Connolly family for once again asking the Happy Film Company to take your family photos. I LOVE having you guys as clients and watching Finn grow bigger each year. Enjoy the holidays and I'll see you again soon. :) // Chamonix & tHFC Ladies

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Seattle Public Library (Downtown Seattle)

*Looking for a beautiful indoor location for a Seattle family photo shoot on a rainy or cold Pacific Northwest day? The Seattle Public Library is one of the most beautiful buildings in Seattle and it's actually considered to be one of the top 10 coolest libraries in the world! (Woot woot Represent!)