Seattle Newborn Photography at Home on Couch and In Garden

It's like magic seeing a baby come into the world! One week I was rockin' my camera as a Seattle Maternity Photographer with the Peterson family at the Olympic Sculpture Park. (Check out their maternity photos!) Just two weeks later, that family of 3 burst into a family of 4 and I was at their home shooting as a Seattle Newborn Photographer! Just like that - the world got a little bigger and brighter. Gwendolyn greeted me at the door with a twirly dress and lots of energy. She immediately squirmed around on the couch - right where I planned to photographer her baby brother - little spotlight grabber hehe

When baby Calvin was ready for his close up we wrapped him in a baby blanket, popped a super cute green hat on his fuzzy little head and took way too many pictures of his purple baby feet. The Peterson family have these cool wooden letter name trains for both of their kids so we incorporated those into their pictures. And of course - their doggie and kitties decided to join the photo shoot as well - climbing over the couch and chasing balls in the back garden.

I love how playful the Peterson family is - they were rolling in the grass and making silly faces for the camera. Oh and there was this one really beautiful moment when Gwendolyn asked to hold her baby brother and she gave everyone the big 'shhh' finger to make sure they were quiet. Who do you think she learned that from? haha So cute! Thank you so much Peterson family for such a lovely newborn shoot on a sunny spring afternoon in Seattle. I can't wait for your next shoot later this summer when Calvin and Gwendolyn have grown ever bigger! xoxo Chamonix & tHFC team

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Private Residence