Seattle Maternity Announcement Photo Shoot at the Japanese Garden

If you haven't tried it yet, visit the Japanese Garden in the Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle just before it closes (7pm) - you'll catch the beautiful sunset light coming through all the beautiful green trees. This a perfect summer time outing for Seattle families (I'll have to wait to try it out in winter before I can recommend a visit during the cold months). I was so excited to photograph the Hartman family this month in the Japanese Garden because it was my very first time taking Seattle family photos in this location. We did need to purchase entry tickets (for adults) but once we were in the garden was virtually empty. We were able to run around the gravel paths, stare at koi fish, climb on the rock bridges and explore the pretty Japanese plants and statues. It's so pretty and there's lots of cool stuff to keep your kids entertained. There was also an open grassy area that we were able to run around and play in which was perfect for getting Kalden's energy out of his system. hehe

Thank you so much Hartman family for asking the Happy Film Company to take your Seattle Maternity Announcement Photos! We're so excited to be working with you again soon for your newborn photos - all part of your Baby's 1st Year package*. xx Chamonix & tHFC Ladies

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Japanese Garden, Arboretum, Seattle

What is the "Baby's 1st Year Package"?
*the Happy Film Company offers a special "Baby's 1st Year Package". It includes 4 photo shoots over the course of 1 year. When you break it down, you get a discounted rate on the individual price of shoots because you're essentially 'buying in bulk'. This is our favorite package to sell to families because it truly is a celebration of your baby's first year of life. We're there to capture the big milestones - maternity, newborn, four, six, eight or twelve months. Plus, we can be very flexible for you - the Hartman family is choosing to spread their shoots out like this: "Maternity, Newborn, 1 Year & 2 Years". Click here to book your Baby's 1st Year Package.