Seattle Kids Birthday Photography - Sebastian's Little Prince Themed 1st Birthday Party

When we photograph children's birthday parties in Seattle we roam around your party like little camera ninjas! We find the perfect balance between being friendly with your guests (so they feel comfortable with us) and blending into the background. We want to make sure all your birthday memories are captured on camera but you don't feel like there was a camera in your face the whole time (nobody wants that!)

We keep our eyes peeled for everything that you invested time or money into - pretty decorations, food, special guests and entertainers, presents, outfits, party favors, etc... We keep our attention glued to the birthday boy/girl the whole time so we never miss a special moment. We're also looking around the room to catch cute candid moments and heartwarming interactions between your birthday party guests; especially the guests of honor like grandparents, friends from out of town etc... You can point these people out to us when we arrive. We do our best to make sure that every single person is photographed and appears in at least one photo. 

We usually take pictures at children's birthday parties for about 1 hour - this is enough time for photographing guests socializing, kids playing and cake cutting. If you have a larger party planned (guest performances, speeches, gift opening etc...) then we recommend adding an additional hour to your package. 

In this blog post, you can see an example of a beautiful birthday party photo shoot that took place outdoors in summer with all the works! Thank you so much again Clabeaux family for inviting us to Sebastian's Little Prince Themed 1st Birthday Party! We love having you as clients! xx Chamonix & tHFC ladies

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Photographer: Ashley
Location: Private Garden in Queen Anne, Seattle