Seattle Father's Day Mini Shoot at Mercer Slough Nature Park

How did you feel before your photo shoot?

I was most worried about my husband hating the whole thing so I made sure to emphasize that the photo shoot was not going to be posed.  He was grumpy about it until we started to play and take pictures.  Then he relaxed, and I think he may have actually had a little fun too.  I think it helped that we did a mini session so he would only need to be committed to 20 minutes.  I was also very nervous about how my kids would be.  They ended up running around with so much energy the whole time, but luckily we got some great photos that I love despite their craziness.  They have lots of energy most of the time anyway so the photos really did show they're true personalities.


What advice do you have for someone preparing for their photo shoot?

Pick outfits that will compliment each person and will look good on camera.  The photos will turn out beautifully if everyone is wearing cohesive clothing.  Also, most importantly have fun and relax.  That's when the magic happens in the camera.  


What is your happiest memory from your photo shoot?

I loved the tickles and the games of chase.  It was fun feeling the connection with each family member.


If someone were hesitating to book a shoot with the Happy Film Company, what would you say to them?

I'd say it's a fantastic value.  You get so many fun and beautiful photos for such a great price.  The photos are returned to you so quickly, which makes the experience so easy.  Lastly, you'll have fun.

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