Seattle Family Photo Shoots — Summer Adventures 2014

All of our Adventure Club members got an email this morning with our new list of Seattle family photo shoot adventures for SUMMER 2014!!! These new adventures will be available for Seattle family photo shoots from June-August 2014. We can't wait to see which ones you guys like best!!

Oh, and I'm also super excited to introduce a special new adventure called "The Wildcard". From now on, each season we'll be offering
 one slightly random "wildcard" adventure that's designed to spice things up a little!! When families sign up for the Wildcard Adventure, we'll donate 10% of our net profits from that shoot to Seattle Children's Hospital. This summer, the wildcard adventure is "BIG Hats".

Why do we release new photo shoot activities each season?
At the Happy Film Company, our goal is to capture REAL happy memories (not just poses) so all of our photo shoots are inspired by activities that families love doing together throughout the year. Each season we release a new list of activities like ... Puddle Jumping in Spring, Beach Adventures in Summer, Pumpkin Patch-ing in Fall, and Christmas Tree Picking in Winter! This also makes it easier for busy families to book their shoots because these activities are already on their calendars — all they have to do is invite us along! And we don’t just do photos... we actually specialize in short films (a.k.a. 1-2 minute videos) that bring your memories to life in a way photos never could.

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