Otjen Family's Cozy Beach Picnic - Seattle Family Photos - the Happy Film Company

I met the Otjen family at Golden Gardens on a crisp, autumn afternoon. I was SO excited when I heard they were bringing hot cocoa for a cozy picnic on the beach. They came equipped with a thermos full of hot chocolate, three perfect cups, and a snuggly blanket to sit on. I LOVED their outfits as well... Jeff wore deep red, Miranda a dark teal, and Henry was the most perfect plaid combo of both!! Henry is pretty much the most adorable kid ever with his huge, ear-to-ear grin. It was so fun running across the beach with him, though I think we both ate sand a few times. ;) Ha! I had so much fun with such a happy, enthusiastic family! Thanks so much Otjen family for choosing the Happy Film Company for your Seattle Family Photos! I hope you love your cozy holiday photos!!
xoxo Ashley & the Happy Film Company Team

Photographer: Ashley
Location: Golden Gardens, Seattle

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