Christine & Ruby's Beach Walk - the Happy Film Company - Seattle Family Photos

Once upon a time, Christine was on Facebook and she saw our photos of the Lee Family at Pike Place Market! Those happy photos of that cute little family inspired Christine to book a family photo shoot with the Happy Film Company! Hooray!! We love meeting families through families — a beautiful web of friends spreading out around us!! I love it! So Christine booked her family shoot for a beach adventure in Edmonds but on the day of her shoot, the people in her family suddenly became unavailable. Christine showed up anyway with her gorgeous puppy dog, Ruby. These two stole the spotlight for the day! I couldn't stop petting Ruby (she's just had a bath and her fur was sooo soft!) One of my favorite things about photographing families is seeing the happy energy that bursts forth from little kids and how the kids bring out that energy in their parents. The same story applies with dogs and it makes me so happy that in these pictures I can see how happy Ruby and Christine are when they're together. In Christine's own words, "We're buddies." 

Thank you so much again Christine and Ruby for spending an hour with me at the beach and for going along with me when I asked you to jump off of logs. I really loved photographing you and I can't wait to take your pictures again in the future! I hope these photos make you feel happy every time you look at them. — xoxo Chamonix

 Chamonix of the Happy Film Company 
Location: Marina Beach Park, Edmonds, WA
Time of Day: Morning

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