Seattle Family Photos at the Christmas Tree Farm - Capturing Special "Firsts"

One of my favorite things about photographing young families is capturing "the firsts". Sometimes it's their first family photo shoot. Sometimes it's their first trip to the pumpkin patch. Sometimes, it's the first time a little baby girl sits on her daddy's shoulders. I never know what it will be with the little ones and it makes my day when I'm there to capture it on camera. 

This morning, I met the Brown family at McMurtry's Red-Wood Christmas Tree Farm in Redmond for their holiday family photos. This was their second shoot with us (check out their lifestyle newborn photo shoot from last winter), and this was Franny's first time at a tree farm AND possibly her first time getting up close and personal with a prickly evergreen tree (she's only seen the fluffy bushes in their garden). We found a tree that was just her size and she was memorized! I also got to catch on camera the first time she was ever swung by her arms, mom and dad on each side. Whenever I ask parents to try something new with their kids there's this moment in time where we all freeze and watch with wonder....are they going to scream...or are they going to laugh? Thankfully, Franny started giggling and had a blast with this swinging-from-the-arms trick. I wish we could still get swung like this as adults but that would require giant friends and I'm suspicious that it would seriously be achy on the shoulder joints. Oh the good old days of childhood when we were like Gumby. hehe

Thank you so much Brown family for choosing the Happy Film Company for your beautiful holiday Seattle family photography session in the sprinkly November rain. See you again soon for more firsts in front of the camera! :) - Chamonix

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: McMurtry's Red-Wood Christmas Tree Farm (Redmond / Woodinville)