Seattle Family Photography for Large Families with Lots of Kids and Reunions

Working with big families can be tricky but we LOVE it. At the Happy Film Company, our main focus is capturing happiness and one of the best ways to bring out happiness during a photo shoot is to play...and the more people (and pets) that we include, the easier it is to play. We don't see working with so many kids as an inconvenience or 'tough work' at all - so please don't even let those worries entire your head. When we are photographing a big group, we start off with taking the official 'big group photo' where everyone is smiling at the camera. Then we'll do smaller groups (especially if it's a family reunion with individual families and multiple generations). Then we'll take individual portraits of everybody and then...then we get to play. We have everyone run around and have kids play tag and give piggy back rides and we'll do big group hugs and run around in circles holding hands. This is what we want every photo shoot to be like - playtime for kids and adults so that everyone is actually having fun and all the smiles are real. This way, your Seattle family photos will be a reminder of a genuinely happy day you all spent together. Please contact us if you have any questions about your large group and we'll give you guidance on how to prepare and what to expect. Thank you Johnson family for coming back for more photos with the Happy Film Company. It's so exciting seeing your big family growing together and we're excited for your next shoot! Until the, keep having fun! // Chamonix & tHFC Ladies

Photographer: Olga
Location: Everett