Sophia's 2nd Birthday Photo Shoot — the Happy Film Company

The balloon string was dragging on the ground behind her little wagon and she whipped her head around to watch it. That was my favorite part of Sophia's 2nd birthday photo shoot. We were walking on the boardwalk through the North Rose Hill Woodland Park forest and her big bouquet of balloons were bouncing above her cute little blonde head. Sophia seemed to drift along in a dreamy world — picking dandelions and throwing the little seeds with her tiny fingers. I loved watching her cover the picnic table with chalk and nuzzle her face into her fluffy koala bear. Thank you so much Sophia for letting Rachel and I chase you around the park for your birthday photo shoot! We hope your party is awesome!!! — xoxo Chamonix

Videographer: Chamonix of the Happy Film Company
Music: "The Goldenhand" by The Parlour Suite
Location: North Rose Hill Woodland Park, Kirkland, Wa
Time of Day: Afternoon

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