Nooney Family's Surprise Photo Shoot - the Happy Film Company - Seattle Family Photographer

Surprise! Everyone was standing around smiling at me, wondering what on earth was going on. "I would have worn something different!" said mom. "Oh, God. I hate pictures," said Tyler. Dad just made a funny face at my camera and Morgan stood there grinning at her genius plan to surprise her family with a photo shoot on a sunny Saturday morning. I was worried at first that it wasn't going to go over well but the minute I asked everyone to smile for me, I knew I was in a for a treat. This family didn't hold back. They teased each other, unleashed a stampede of goofy faces, and blew bubbles at the camera. I'm so happy with how beautiful the sunshine looks behind the green trees in this little park in Woodinville, Wa. Everything was glowing with morning happiness. At the end of the shoot, we went to the playground to recreate some of mom's favorite photos that were taken when the kids were really little. After this shoot, I drove home feeling so happy and grateful that I get to spend time with fun families like this. Thank you so much Morgan for choosing the Happy Film Company as your Seattle Family Photographer and surprising your family! I'm so happy it turned out well and everybody loved it, even Tyler. — xoxo Chamonix