Lange Family — Seattle Garden Photo Shoot — the Happy Film Company

SO MUCH ENERGY! They were jumping off boulders, swinging from trees, running in circles and basically challenging Victoria and I to just try and catch a photo of them sitting still. While the Lange boys were so playful, climbing onto their parents shoulders, their little sister was as quiet as could be, casually watching the world go by and staring straight into the camera — and did I mention she was wearing the most precious little red shoes?! The Lange Family requested Bassetti's Crooked Arbor Gardens in Woodinville, WA for their Seattle family photo shoot because it had so many funky pieces of outdoor artwork beside the beautiful flowers and trees. On this sunny afternoon, we had fun exploring the peaceful gardens with the Lange family and trying our darndest to capture a picture of them all together haha Thank you so much Lange family for choosing the Happy Film Company. We hope you enjoy your pictures for ever and ever!

Photographer: Chamonix of the Happy Film Company
Location: Bassetti's Crooked Arbor Gardens, Woodinville, WA
Time of Day: Afternoon

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