How Do I Choose My Seattle Photo Shoot Adventure Activity?

Hi happy families! As people are looking for their Seattle Family Photographer, we often get asked "How do I choose the right adventure for my photo shoot?" Today we're going to help you find the perfect adventure for your family!

The most important thing behind an adventure is that it makes everyone feel relaxed and comfortable! We love adventures and activities that families already love and feel natural doing. Every three months, we release a new list of seasonally themed adventures. You can choose an adventure from this list or suggest an idea of your own! We recommend picking adventures that your kids will love so they'll be laughing and smiling for the photos. Maybe your kid loves bubbles more than life itself, or you enjoy having picnics in the sunshine! Maybe you're outdoorsy and love playing catch in the field! Whatever it is that makes you feel at ease and giggly is the kind of adventure we love.

Ashley's going to tell you all about choosing a good adventure for your Seattle family photo shoot....