Leister Family - Seattle Family Photographer - the Happy Film Company

Who doesn't love running through a field of wheat at sunset? All 5 of the kids jumped out of the van, dress in adorable white and blue jean outfits and took off for the fields! There were twins and babies and a big cousin who looks out for them all! I had so much fun with these cousins playing at Tolt MacDonald Park in Carnation just as the sun was going down behind the hills. The kids were so full of happy energy and wanted to play duck-duck-goose and ring-around-the-rosey and climb on the bridge and the fences, and tickle each other the pieces. So cute!! Thank you so much Leister family for choosing the Happy Film Company to be your Seattle family photographer! I hope both of your families enjoy these happy beautiful photos forever! We can't wait to photograph you again in the future :D xoxo Chamonix & the Happy Film Company team!  

Photographer:  Chamonix
Location:  Tolt MacDonald Park, Carnation

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