Leo's 1st Birthday Party Film - Seattle Cake Smash Video - the Happy Film Company

Stuffing his sugar-free cake into his little mouth and clapping his hands together with delight — Leo was celebrating his 1st birthday in style. His whole family was at grandma's house for lunch, presents, and a cake smash!! My favorite moments were when Leo's mouth was cover in cake and he threw his hands in the air like a touchdown! At the end of this giant dessert, his mom knelt down in front of him and put her hands together, signaling to Leo that it was time to show a little Japanese-style respect after his birthday cake extravaganza! Adorable. Thank you so much Leo and family for inviting me to this fun birthday party so we could make his Seattle cake smash video!! I hope you guys enjoy your video for years and year! Love you lots! :D xoxo Chamonix

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