Leo's 1st Birthday Party — the Happy Film Company — Seattle Family Portraits

A week ago, I got to celebrate Leo's 1st birthday! His whole family was gathered together at his grandma's house for lunch, presents, cupcakes, and a cake smash. Leo's mom made him his very own sugar-free cake and the little guy gobbled up the whole darn thing...by himself (apart from the parts of the cake that landed in his lap). He got so many cuddles from all the women in his life and everyone was cooing over his adorable striped overalls and matching socks. He has this little blue ball that he seems to take everywhere and sometimes when he was walking around the party, the balloon strings got caught on his little foot and he dragged them around without noticing (like a much cuter version of toilet paper stuck to the shoe). I also loved it when he sat on his rocking horse and his grandma sung that song that goes ....da da dun da da dun da da dun dun dun.... I may be a piece of classical music but it makes me think of cowboys now. haha Thank you so much Leo for 1. being so happy and handsome and 2. inviting me to your birthday party! (Thanks to Grandma who made sure I brought my camera!) I loved taking pictures of you and I'm so excited for when you're all grown up and we can look at these pictures again together one day. Happy Birthday!!

Photographer: Chamonix from the Happy Film Company
Location: Private Residence
Time of Day: Afternoon