Seattle Autumn Family Photos — Playing in the Leaves at Black River Riparian Forest and Wetland

So many gorgeous Seattle autumn family photos are being taken this month! I was so excited to meet the Escarez-Pamonag family after seeing Chamonix's amazing beachside photo shoot with them last year! {Click here to view their picture from last year!} They are every bit as adorable and fun in real life as they seem on camera. ;) Aila and Jana are SO sweet and loving, knowing exactly how to get each other rolling with laughter. Jennifer and John are so great with their daughters, tossing them in the air, dancing through the grass, and even climbing a few trees. A+ for adventure with these ones! I had such a great time exploring with such a happy, energetic family. Thanks so much Escarez-Pamonag family for asking the Happy Film Company to photograph you again this year.

Photographer: Ashley
Location: Black River Riparian Forest and Wetland