Play Music on a Boombox During Family Photo Shoots to Stay Upbeat

I carried my boombox in my back pocket for the first time at a family photo shoot and it totally rocked! The music made the whole afternoon more fun for me - it felt more relaxing and playful for me, less like work. Sometimes waiting for families in between mini sessions I feel bored or impatient and the music really kept my mood lifted. This is great because I want to be in my best mood for photo shoots. Happy photographer = happy clients = happy photos!

Plus, for the first time, when Alexis, this cutie pie little girl asked for music I was able to deliver! In the past, parents have pulled out their phones and played the kids classics but this time, I got to have the music power. This is ideal because I want to keep parents in the ‘I’m just here to play’ mindset and not give them tasks, especially ones that make them pull out their phones. My photo shoots are all about personal connection and time together away from technology and clutter so obviously, no phones thank you. So this time, I got to play tunes FOR THEM and I let Alexis hold the boombox and that brought a big smiles which made me really happy. Oh and my boombox is orange so heck yes to staying on brand!! :)

When you book a shoot, you can request favorite music on your booking form now! :)
Chamonix :)

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Oxbow Farm, Snoqualmie Valley WA
Activity: Pumpkin Patch Mini Sessions