Photography Tip #5 - How Bright Sunlight Affects the Background

When you’re taking pictures outside and it’s sunny, you need to be aware of the background especially when working around trees. The sun will hit the trees and it changes the leaves to different levels of brightness and different shades of color. This change in lighting and color makes a big difference in a picture. The contrast of the different lighting and colors can become very distracting for the viewer of your photos. Ideally, when shooting family portraits, we're always looking for consistent lighting, as even as possible so the background environment doesn't distract from the faces in the photos that we want to focus on. 

When looking at a photo, there is a lot to take in. You're looking at the faces, at the details in the background, at the activity taking place in the moment. If you can simplify what your view is seeing it makes it easier for them to process and digest the image. The easier it is to look at, the better the picture looks - the more professional or high quality it feels. It’s like music, when the music is very mathematical and clear and lovely to listen to but the minute you have kids banging on pots and trumpets and things like car horns all going at the same time, it becomes overwhelming and disjointed. Simple and intentional is what you're aiming for with our style of beautiful clean family photography.

Watch this video above for specific examples and demonstrations of what I'm talking about.
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