Photography Tip #13 - Cropping Heads Out On Purpose

Sometimes people ask me...why did you cut off my head in that photo? Fair question. Let's just say it's an artistic thing. Cropping out body parts is a definitely a more modern photography style and it's very inspired by the fashion industry. When cropping is done intentionally it can direct the viewer's eye to a specific part of the photo that is the main focus. The most important thing when cropping is INTENTION. You must be careful about where you are cropping - which body parts are being cut off, at which spot and if there is consistency throughout the photo. For example, you don't want to chop off one person's head but not the other person's head. If you're going to crop off someone's lips, cut off the entire lip, not just half of it....same goes for eyeballs - don't chop them in half (it's weird lookin' and very distracting from whatever cute thing is happening elsewhere in the photo!). Check out this tutorial video that gives you some examples of 'what not to do' from the Happy Film Company

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