Photography Tip #12 - Filling the Frame & Touching the Edge

This weeks photo tip is going over filling the frame when you are shooting: When composing your photo and video try to be aware of the edges of the frame. The framing of a photo is crucial as it tells the viewer what is important in the picture. The traditional style of portrait shooting is having negative space around your subject and the modern portrait style is filling the whole frame for a more intimate feeling. If you place your subject super tiny in the frame you are telling the viewer "hey, look at this location surrounding my subject as well" and when you get really close to your subjects you bring your viewer in allowing more immersion in the photo.

We've attached a couple examples of what we are talking about: The photo on the left is very inviting and intimate because the family is filling the whole frame and more specifically, it's focused on the baby since he is centered and the parents attention is directed at him as well. The photo on the right is further away so it is a little less personal and more about the location instead of just the subject. The negative space allows our eyes are able to wander away from the subject and onto other parts of the photo.

We hope this tip helps you think about what you want to focus on and then determine your framing from there!