Photography Tip #10 - Leading Lines

This week we are going over leading lines in our photography tip of the week video; a composition tip to help understand line placement in a photo. Our eyes are naturally drawn to certain areas of a photograph, ie: colors, different lighting, faces and lines. I like to think of the lines of a photo as train tracks, if lined appropriately, your eye will hop the on tracks and travel right to the subject! As you can see in the video, the photo on the right has a few different sets of lines letting your eyes wander and potentially get distracted by the scenery. It may be beautiful still but in this particular photo we want to focus on the subjects. While the photo the left you can see has a dirt trail leading vertically to the subjects as well as the tulips leading horizontally to the subjects. Next time you are shooting, try to notice what you can line up a photo, experiment with it!