Photographing Kids While They're Playing with their Favorite Toys

Baby Asher loves ropes and pipes and hoses so he was in heaven the moment we discovered a pile of hose at the end of the dock at Kirkland Marina Park. The Lee family had a 15 minute mini session and we spend the first part of their Seattle family photo shoot walking down the pier and cuddling but eventually those magically hoses appeared and he was infatuated. I love when kids find something they love so intensely during a photo shoot because we get to watch them disappear into their own little world for a moment. They forget about the camera, nobody is telling them what to do and all that matters is that special cool thing. During these moments I like to snap my camera like crazy, hoping to catch a little something sparkly in their eyes. Plus, I love knowing that these photos are going to be a fun memory and story for parents to tell. "When you were a little baby you LOVED hoses and pipes!" haha And it's also just fun to see how different children are - they all love something different. So if your little one has something they love, let's think about a cool place to go where we can let them explore and enjoy it. All the best photographs happen this way - letting the kids guide the show and get lost in their infatuations. Thank you so much Lee family for another cute Seattle family photo shoot. We hope we get to photograph Asher & his hoses for years to come! - Chamonix & tHFC Ladies

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Kirkland Marina Park Docks
Adventure: Summer Mini Sessions